10 Former Disney Channel Stars Who Spoke Out Against the Network

Disney Channel might have established the careers of stars such as Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, and Bella Thorne, but not everyone has something nice to say about their experience. In fact, a majority of former Disney Channel stars have been open about their love-hate relationship with the network that made them. These ex–Disney Channel actors have some juicy stories to tell, from losing their senses of self to living under the pressure to be squeaky-clean and perfect.

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We’ve rounded up quotes from 10 former Disney Channel stars who have either shaded or blatantly spoke out against the network. Though Disney Channel isn’t all bad—each of these stars has been adamant about the benefits their Disney Channel shows and movies have had on their careers—the network, like all things, isn’t perfect. To shatter the facade of perfectionism that Disney Channel has put up, these celebrities are getting real about their time as Disney Channel stars.

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